»R2000 booking fee is required to secure your event date

»Proof of payment is required for payments via EFT (admin@thevenueonklip.co.za)
»Once booking fee is paid, you have agreed to all terms and conditions

»If the booking fee is not received and cleared in our bank account within (3) three working days from the date of the enquiry, we reserve the right to cancel the provisional booking without a notice to you.

»The balance of the quoted fee is payable (7) seven days prior to the event.

»Your booking entitles to the use of the premises for (5) five hours, subject to the time slot selected and agreed to between the parties in writing.

»Payments can be made by direct transfer into our bank account.

Notification of payment must please be emailed to admin@thevenueonklip.co.za or sent via WhatsApp upon deposit of any sum paid into our nominated bank account listing our reference number in order to secure your booking. Should you fail to do so, we shall not be liable if the venue is booked by any third party


»Food allergens, which include fish, nuts, and gluten, are used in our kitchen. Notice of special
dietary requirements must be furnished to us at the time of booking in order to determine
whether we are in a position to accommodate the applicable dietary requirement.
»Menu to be finalized within (7) seven days prior to event date.


»Final guest count to be confirmed (7) seven days prior to event date.
»Any contemplated changes to the booking must be submitted to us in writing (4) four days prior to your event date. We will endeavour to accommodate said changes but cannot be held thereto if beyond our reasonable control.
»No adjustments will be allowed thereafter.
»Prices will be adjusted should you decrease the number of guests quoted and any discounts allocated may be revoked as prices will be determined according to our standard price structure.
»No hot meals may be brought onto the premises for consumption. The Venue on Klip is a Halaal establishment and we therefore request you to ensure that no food and beverages containing alcohol, pork related or any other form of non-Halaal products are to be brought
onto our premises and/or are consumed using our crockery and/or cutlery, we have the right to remove you from our premises.
»The person making the booking is responsible for the conduct of all guests attending the event.
»If additional guests pitch on the day of your event, you will be liable to pay the additional cost per person
»Once booking fee is paid you agree to the new terms and conditions
»Please be aware and advised we run a business that has office expenses and staff, therefore if you cancel your event your booking fee covers all our correspondence,expenses and office
»In the event of a Natural disasters and things that are out of our control:

-Fire Disaster


»A sound system and sound technician is provided for your event , however it is advised and instructed that you bring along your own list of music (play-list)


The R2000 booking fee is non-refundable once your booking is cancelled.

Should you cancel a booking prior to the event date, we will levy a cancellation fee taking into consideration the length of notice given, the potential for us to find an alternative client to replace the cancelled booking. Having regard to the above and due to the nature of the catering industry the business will levy the following cancellation fees:

All monies paid after the booking fee will be refunded as follows:
5 months and above of cancelled event date: 90% refund
Within 4 months of cancelled event date: 75% refund
Within 3 months of cancelled event date: 50% refund
Within 2 months of cancelled event date: 25% refund
Within 1 month of cancelled event date: 0% refund

Refunds will only be paid out in the week of which your date was originally booked for. Reason for payment released at this time is that all payment are made into fixed accounts and are only released in the month of your booking dates.

In the event of death or hospitalisation the full total paid excluding the booking fee will be refunded to client.

Note: Alternative refund arrangements can be made.


»You will be billed for any damages to The Venue property and cars accordingly.
»Please note that the Venue is situated in a residential area and therefore need to abide by the rules.
»Please note, No Hooting, revving of cars or convoys of motor cycles.
»Please note, our Venue is situated on ground level.
»The Venue does not supply play-lists and kareoke, please bring along your own .
»Kids attending the event need to be supervised at all times.
»Please provide us with your social media handles
»Should you not supply any containers for leftover food, the food will be donated to a charity of our choice.


»Visitors to the premises are requested to be careful when using the facilities in and around the premises. To ensure the safety of children, it is requested that children must at all times be under parental supervision.
»We will not be responsible for any injury or damages caused to you and/or your dependent(s) your guests, employee(s) and/or their property when using the venue if the loss or damage was caused due to their failure to adhere to these safety precautions.
»Neither The Venue On Klip nor its employees shall be liable for any loss or damages which may be caused to the property of the client or its guests.
»Loss, damage or injury sustained by the client or it’s guests by any means whatsoever including but not limited to any Act of God, unless the aforementioned loss, damage, injury is attributed The Venue on Klip or its employees’ negligence 
»The Venue On Klip will not be held liable for any Acts of God and unforeseen service interruptions such as water, electricity or sanitation.
»Please note that by signing this agreement we reserve the right to use the images of your event and/or guests for advertising purposes.
»I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the terms and conditions as set out herein. I further agree to abide thereby and bind myself for all monies owing and arising out of the agreement.