R 320 per person (71 – 120 guests)
R 335 per person (51 – 70 guests)
R 355 per person (40 – 50 guests)

Standard venue inclusions

– Long tables
– Crockery and cutlery
– Tiffany chairs
– Nibbles on the table
– Overlays
– Sanitization peddle
-Temp scanning
– Hall fare
– Bottomless coffee bar
– Juice
– Waiters and Barista 

Starters (Select one option)

– Sticky sweet and sour wings garnished with sesame seeds served with coleslaw and cocktail rolls
– Soup of your choice served with cocktail rolls
– Deep-fried chicken tenders drizzled with an in house sauce accompanied by your choice between purple coleslaw or a fresh salad

Mains (Select two options)

– Grilled and basted chicken served with sweet yellow rice, a mix of steamed veg and noodle salad
– Braised tenderized steak served with a savoury rice
– Grilled and basted beef ribs garnished with fried onion accompanied by your choice of garlic baby potatoes or wedges
– Lamb / chicken biryani accompanied by salsa / dhai
– Lamb / chicken akhni prepared on the fire accompanied by salsa / dhai
– Lamb / chicken/ goulash curry served with fluffy white rice  accompanied by salsa (roti optional @ R6 each)
– Sweet and sour denning vleis served with chunky mashed potatoes
– Chicken / steak alfredo
– Creamy butter chicken served with garlic naan
– Steak / chicken alfredo

– A duo dessert of a moist chocolate cake smothered in a hot chocolate sauce with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream